Patcharasine Ratanasook, Thailand

“The movies and real life experience makes it much easier to understand how PM is played and conducted outsider of theoretical world”

Koh Siang Neng, Singapore

“It has been a very interesting and enriching course”

Debabratta Dash, Gurgaon

“Outstanding representation of the entire course. The examples used are easy to understand and correlate.”

Kelvin Cheng, Singapore

“Good lecturer, give good example to help student to understand well. Thanks Mr. Ravi.”

Noppawan Tangjitchuchawal, Thailand

“I found the lecture is very much knowledgeable. Very impressive.”

Gowri Shanker, Bangalore

“Simply superb / learnt many things and classroom sessions were very engaging and witty.”

Ajay Dehriya, Kolkata

“Fantastic approach to take presentation through vast examples and incidents.”

Chandan Mishra, Mumbai

“Awesome and very informative, relevant workshop.”