The business of most organizations is all about products. The product could be a packaged software, a chemical or pharmaceutical active ingredient, an automotive component or a banking product. What ultimately determines success or failure of the organization is its portfolio of products.

Instead of focusing on products, few organizations end up with frequent and costly restructuring exercises, chipping and chopping departments, moving product responsibilities from one to the other. Few others end up forming entities like the Project or Program Management Office in the hope that it will improve efficiencies.

PMSoft’s experience is that instead of trying to boil the ocean, the recipe for success is simply to sharpen the focus on products. To achieve this, we recommend setting up a Central Product Office.

We coach Product Managers and Product Owners who take accountability for the entire product portfolio throughout the product life-cycle. A Product Manager assumes ownership for a product all the way from Concept to Commercialization.

We assist you with the end-to-end process customized to your organization, aimed to bring about a positive impact without causing too much disruption.

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