PMDisha ® Project and Program Management Excellence Model

In order to achieve strategic initiatives, organizations invest on various Project Management initiatives and tools including global certification programmes. Time and again various studies have indicated that such initiatives need to be scientifically approached and designed according to organization’s strategic needs.

Projects and Programs are the vehicles to deliver the organization’s strategy. Consequently, It is important to tailor the PM methodologies to suit organization’s culture and business processes.

The fundamental questions Decision Makers need to ask themselves are:

  • Whether our ‘Initiatives’ are in alignment with ‘Intentions’?
  • How to measure the initiatives in alignment with ‘Intent’ of organization’s strategy?
  • How to scientifically benchmark the current state and design new initiatives?

How will PMDisha help?

  • Assesses and analyze the organization’s Project and Program Management strengths
  • Provides guidance to tailor the best practices in alignment with organizational culture to derive the measurable business impact

PMDisha is an online fully scalable model, applicable to all types of industries.

PMDisha Salient Features

  • Benchmarks existing PM competency, PM culture and PM Processes of the organization.
  • Holistic focus on “People, Process and Tools”
  • Analyses Project Management perspective at different levels of management hierarchy
  • Helps for decision making and establishing coherent PM practices specific to the organization’s needs
  • Identifies the improvement areas for specific Project parameters for individuals as well as the organization.
  • Discerns the development needs to plan educational initiatives at all levels of organization.

The product is customized as per organizational requirements. Contact for more details.

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