Strategy is a long term of action intended to maximize the chances of future success.

However simply having a great strategy is no guarantee of success, until it is matched by the ecosystem that supports the strategy.

PMSoft’s model for strategic transformation consulting is very different from others.

We do NOT:

  • Claim to know your business better than you do
  • Offer recommendations from 30,000 feet
  • Charge top dollar per hour without taking any responsibility for outcomes

Instead, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. A typical Strategic Consulting engagement with PMSoft will involve.

  • Detailed discussions with the top management to understand their expectations
  • An objective assessment of competencies and a roadmap towards improvement
  • A detailed “discovery” of the “as-is” process of the organization
  • A set of workshops to evolve the desired “to-be” processes with active involvement of functional experts
  • Determining practices and systems needed to support the “to-be” process
  • Full support for change management and leadership development
  • Commercials based on milestones and outcomes not by the hour!

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